Safety Electric Cordless Vacuum Ear Cleaner

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  • Properties
    Easy to clean and easy to replace.
    Effectively remove ear wax and massage your ear better.
    Compact and easy to use, necessary for home and travel.
    Protect your ear safely and reliably without damaging the ear canal and eardrum.

    safe and efficient
    The pointed head uses a soft, elastic material that does not harm the ears. The safety ring prevents excessive insertion into your ear so that no injuries can result from inserting it too deeply

    Vibrating and sucking
    Quickly gets to the dirt inside the ear and sucks it into the machine. Adding vibration and suction makes it more effective than cotton swabs and normal ear spoons.

    Easy to handle
    Press the button, and carefully and gently insert it into the ear canal, Vibration will make the ears feel very comfortable, just like massage, the suction is strong and quiet, and the earwax sticking to the ear is easily absorbed by the vibration, and is absorbed by the suction cup at the front end.

    Premium material

    2.5 cm allows the earplugs for different ear hole sizes. This ear wax removal head is made of silicone and is soft enough to be safer and more reliable with the experience. Pain-free from annoying wax, eardrum not damaged, safe and reliable.

    All in one

    The package contains 1 ear wax remover and 2 replacement heads. Suitable for adults, teenagers, and children. A must for home and travel, a healthier lifestyle for your family. Tip: The effect is general on oily ears, please buy carefully.

    Easy to clean and energy-saving

    It comes with a small brush to clean the inside and entrance of the vacuum booth. With a new and more powerful motor, energy savings are increased by 5%.

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