Savich Color Wax Hair Dye

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Don't waste months with permanent hair dye. Try a new color every day of the week!

Our color hair wax adds texture and shine, is suitable for all hair types from medium to thick hair and is easy to apply and clean.

Instant styling: A versatile hairdressing pomade that allows you to mold, sculpt, and create texture for the perfect hairdo. In just minutes, you'll have a refined and resilient hair style without a heavy or sticky feeling. It's easy, and it's awesome. Start each day with new hair color at home without having to visit a hair salon.

Temporary & Washable: A great hair product for people who enjoy dying their hair with different colors but do not want to dry out their hair in the long term. Easy to wash out, has no stickiness and does not damage the hair.

100% natural: Made of plant extracts, environmentally friendly. 100% safe to use and will not irritate your scalp and skin like some dyes.


  1. Wash your hair and dry it to 80%.
  2. Place a finger full of hair wax on the palm and spread evenly.
  3. Apply to all areas that need a color boost.
  4. Slay with your new look!
  5. Wash out easily once used.


  • Brand: Savich
  • Ingredients: water, beeswax, Brazilian palm wax, acetyl stearyl alcohol, glycerol extract, tea extract, etc.
  • Store Below: 86F/30℃
  • Package Included: 1*hair wax.
  • Weight: 120g / 4 oz.

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